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Horseball Rules


Basic Rules 

Horseball is an equestrian team sport based on attacks and defenses with the objective of score goals. Each team has four players, plus two substitutes (6 in total), and they must make a minimum of three passes between three different players before scoring. The ball cannot stand more than 10 seconds on player’s hands, so they have to pass in between them the ball when they are constructing an attack! When the ball falls, the player must pick it up without dismounting the horse, this action it’s called “ramassage”, French term for pick up the ball. The players score by throwing the ball through a vertical hoop, which stands on each end of the field as a goal. The game is played on a soft sand surface, in a rectangular pitch that is approximately 65 meters by 25 meters (200x75 ft.). Each game have 20 minutes, with 10 minutes each part with a 3 minutes break period. At the end wins the team that scored more goal during the game.


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