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About FIHB 

The current modern Equestrian Disciplines are coming from different kind of use of the horse during the past centuries. This use was mainly for work, transportation or more often for the war. Some figures of Dressage for example "les sauteurs" were exercises with the gaol of using the horse to defend or kill his opponent. These exercises and all the basic training used today in flat work are coming from the necessity to have horses ready physically to do so. In fact Dressage, Eventing, Show jumping and Driving are coming from the use of horses for the "Art of War". Disciplines like Reining, cutting or Barrel Racing are coming from the use for work. But it seems that an important use of the horse in the past centuries has been forgotten: the game!


In fact there is no current official modern disciplines that are coming from the game! Nevertheless around the world still exist plenty of very old games that were played during last centuries. In Argentina we will call it Pato (as in the past was played with a duck, in Spanish "Pato", in Central Asia Koug Bourou played with a hat, in Afghanistan "Buskachy" played with the skin of a dead ship, in India and South Africa they play Tent Pegging.


FIHB Mission is therefore to federate old local games with a new modern version of the game able to offer the same value and emotion, using modern rules and organisation for the safety of horses and players. FIHB mission is to make of Horse-Ball an international game played all around the world from children to adults using local horses, offering a new way to approach equestrian skills.


To reach this FIHB strategic objectives is to put in place the right conditions to create a culture around this sport, helping the people sharing their views and experience for the evolution of the sport, through seminars involving professional from other sports to complete their knowledge and get better prepared.


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