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3rd Period

About the Third Period

The Third Period is a live Instagram interview on every first friday of the month with horse-ball fanatics from all over the world. Not only will we have a special guest every time, but the instagram live allows you to interact with our interviewers and guests and even join the Instagram live to ask your questions!

The Third Period is not your typical interview : not only is it interactive, but the goal is to get to know you outside of horse-ball, and create a judgement-free environment to share your thoughts, ideas and question.

Our First Guest on 7th may was Justine Ammann

interviewed by Eve Theoret.

Justine Ammann is a remarkable horseball player that has left her mark in France and Spain. She played in Pro-Élite for Chambly, Montpellier, and now Banyoles. Here is a list of some of her accomplishements;

- 1st place FIHB World Cup 2016 - 1st place FIHB European Championship 2015, 2017 and 2019 - 1st place FIHB Eurpean Champion's League 2019 - Best Player WHR 2016 and 2017 - Best Horse WHR (Bonanza) 2018 - Best Horse/Rider Combination at Champions League 2019

Watch her the Interview:

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